Saturday, January 12, 2008

fully dysfunctional

I am writing this to feed the rebel soul inside me that is still struggling to be suited in a mediocre world. I have been living in this so-called "world" and I feel so enslaved by it. That is why I started to rebel.
In the first place, this is not really where I wanted but I am trying hard to make myself fit in, and besides I don't have a choice, I need to exist in order to survive. I have spent gruelling days making myself to be safely there to be able to accomplish my responsibilities. But I never exerted effort. What for? The world that I am in now does not nor even will not recognize it at all.
This world favors what they think is popular and what feels good or let's say will do more good for them. They will never see your potential to be out of slavery if it does not favor the so-called gods. So I continued to rebel and lived a fishbowl life. Everybody watches my little peepshow but nobody notices the things I do.
For so many years, I've seen a lot. Unworthy slaves placed on pedestals, so-called gods who are testing their new got powers to lower slaves, and the usual dirty works. I know this would never change. So, I decided I could never make it accept me no matter how hard I try. I know I have to dance with them and dig in the pool of slavery. This life really would not work for me. But for now, I still have to embrace because i'm still powerless. Being enslaved is also my way out of oppression. Deep in myself I also deserve to be in a pedestal. And I'm gonna work hard to get out of this rotten world.

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ha! i perfectly understand you! it was almost the same words that came out of my mouth a couple of months back. shoots! it makes me miss you more! i miss our chika and connivance na hehe .. take care!