Sunday, November 18, 2012

happiness is...

happiness is priceless! so when you experience it, embrace and love the doesn't stay for good. 

pictured stories

my pictured stories

                                          sunday sundae

                                          skateboard graffitti

                                          the kitty experience

my dog spike

                                                team building magic

                                                 dressing room


                                               fetus with a face


                                           a happy mess

                                            the practice


                                           one paradise

kidding around


                                           fresh tomatoes

                                          people watch

                                           busy feet



                                           desert sunset

                                           mother and child


                                          lady in the water

the thinker

i was so depressed for life went upside down. shut me down for a while...that's when i got hooked into capturing life's moments. i want to share some of my shots of life.

a real frog prince story

if only people knew the entire story...

you got me that time because i saw you are a good person, had i known since day one you approached me that you are worse than an animal, i never gave you a chance. telling me fabricated stories someone cheated you and that person needed money to help survive when away then breaks up with you with the reason that person found someone better than you and you’re hurt and wanna die. I said, what kind of person would do such a thing?  Being with someone for ages and just because  you are apart then find someone else, and trash you like you never matter anymore. On record, you were not even able to work that time so you asked for a long vacay. You claimed that person hurt you and you dread the day you would accept that person again. I made it clear when you pursued me, if you still want to continue being with your cheater, no need to let me fall and set your best foot forward. But you guaranteed not to go back. So i allowed you into my life. Some people might have noticed. 2 years that was.  I thought you were the best person ever, and shame on that person who did this to you.  i don't even know you. but you forced yourself to me putting all good things about you in my head letting me believe you were real and good natured. so i believed you. after sometime of bliss letting people see how good you are, you'd say you need to play up with your past because there is no reason to trash you no more and that you need to comply that you  are so into that person so you could get your money back. you even told me you need to get your share of the land you mistakenly signed as a conjugal property. You say, that person refused to pay debt if you will not get back together. So you laid your plan and told me everything will just be a big act. You said after letting the person believe you and gave you back your money and piece of land, then you will let that person get a taste of what was done to you. And there we will be together happily.  knowing that you are a good person, i did believe your plan. So as the relationship was so discreet, people i know sees it. but as time goes by, i knew it was all an act that you are doing to manipulate me . you continuously lied about everything, saying you have issues and i should just be silent and be beside you.  i supported you all the way, even let you borrow a huge amount to help you when you went away. Bein’ always there for you when you were sick, when no one of your friends even visited you. Reminding you of things especially your meds for you are so sickly. I never cheated. Best part is as you claim you are a good person, i was a huge fan of your stories. As you borrowed money, you promised to pay me back, it was even in writing. and again, i believed you. one thing i cannot understand is if that person cheated you, as you claimed and did one horrible thing in your life, why still embrace it like nothin' happened? and if you say it is love, why did you even pursue me, why   why say things like you are such a good person and even claimed i am so lucky to have you as my significant other. if you say you are faithful, you should have never ever approached me. we never have been together for two years...just the truth to at least give people an idea of who you are..i was so convinced you are the greatest person i have ever met. And i am so sure that is the same act you do in front of the people you deal with so you come out clean. i just don't know why you have to keep on pretending just to get me to have faith in you. You never existed in my life till you make your way for me to notice you.  It looks like the fabricated story that you once told me, was the exact story of what you have done. well, people reading this would say i was stupid. Yeah, and i know no person has not been stupid in their life for once.  Let’s just say i believe people are good and has values. So i tend to trust right away. I never knew there’s a poser human that exists. One who pretends to be good all the time but in reality it is worse than any animal around.  i hope people who will read this will help them really know the person before trusting them your life.  Being silent about everything sometimes doesn’t help. It is just giving that person a power to hurt more and still be treated so well by others. I just want to let this story be known to serve as a lesson that looks really could be deceiving. If people are too good with you, chances are they are the people who would want to bring you down. I just really don’t know your reason why this happened. And as you walk with a big mardi gras mask on your face, i hope at least you could show that you are somewhat educated by returning the money you have borrowed.  And please don’t claim i am chasing you, because i do not. I even donated you back to the one whom you claimed cheated you. Hope this serves as a lesson for women like me, do not trust too much. Just be glad you didn’t experience hell like i did. But i am happy to say, this person is out of my life now. And to you, sorry to say your plan to ruin my life, didn’t work out well. I may be hurt, but now i am standing up again. It was your loss, not mine...