Tuesday, January 20, 2009

me? fraudster?

One thing I hate about my life at work is that they treat you like a thief. It feels like you have not been taught values to dig in info that should not be yours. Upon goin to work, you'll be checked. When you get out of the place, the more they check on you. To the extent that they could check ur packed napkins for some customer account numbers or any info. I was a victim of this inhumane checkin, violation of personal property. Today, when I was about to go home that bitch guard checked my bag and opened almost about everything, starting from my beauty arsenal, contented she dint see anything, still not convinced, she opened my other pouch where i keep my cards and post it notepads, she found nothin. And freakin' still not contented she opened my journal, reading each of the pages of my life. On one page she saw a series of numbers, her nose tellin her account numbers! She went on and told me they need to get my journal for checkin' , I freakin' said hell no! You can't get into my private life, you bitch! she wouldn't stop, so i just gave her the page wherein picture codes that shes houndin as account numbers are all written. I left in good faith and clear conscience that I'm not doin any freakshow fraud. My parents didn't brought me up to be somethin like that. So mad I went back and showed them the pictures with those matching codes, freakin' told me they don't believe! So, you say I fabricated those picture codes? Damn Hell crazy!!!! Let's see tomorrow, I know Ill prove them wrong, and I'll do it on their faces!!!


same life. new year. what's in store? i dunno. this january things done: I've finished off reading the twilight saga, its a must read betcha! Edward and
Bella's lovestory is soo good to be true. Well other things done in jan? got my new haircut that I'm regrettin' and prayin wld grow rapidly. I'm still full of frustration. Though got a raise from work. that's a good thing to look forward to though.