Thursday, January 10, 2008

011108 friday, 12.05p

i am really getting addicted to blogging. like morphine that enslaves, creating posts is being cathartic. downside of this new hobby is that i no longer have time for my folks, and less sleeping hours. i don't know where this would take me but i still continue to be a slave of my pen. as i go on thinking, i gave birth to three more blogs:

1. nine lives- almost immortal as we could call it. this blog is my journey to the paranormal. since i was a child i could feel there's a connection.

2. a day in the life of harajuku 5 - this blog is dedicated to my 5 most inspiring friends. i wanna make a film documentary about them, but since filming is quite expensive, i thought of an alternative. using pen is as good as camera lenses.

3. signature poison- this was the original title of my pilot blog. but as i go writing, i was thinking of concepts. and a dark title wouldn't suit my first blog, so i decided to have this blog dedicated to my dark writings and rotten thoughts.

hope you'll enjoy my peepshow!

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